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About us

The Flaarønning brothers were established in 1868 by Anders Flaarønning (pictured in the middle). In 2018 we celebrated 150 years!

The design the products is versatile, but the roots are clear; Norwegians' relationship to our wonderful nature, to our traditions, to our memories from childhood, to history. We want to convey a part of the Norwegian people's soul: “Hyttekos”, crackling ski tracks, unity, identity, and contact with nature. How our extreme nature has created our people's soul. We want to convey connection and intimacy between people and nature. Values that may be easiest to spot on a night at the mountain cabin, but which are alive in all of us.

We develop and market products based on Norwegian nature, culture and Norwegian traditions.

Since Brødrene Flaarønning was established in 1868, we have operated as saddlers, tanners, sailmakers, and wholesalers of gifts, handicrafts, handicrafts and souvenirs.

Many people associate us with the original Ny-Form Trolls that we ourselves produce and distribute to a number of countries.

The company is located in the village of Ler, which is 30 km away. south of Trondheim. There we are 12 employees who develop, buy, stock, sell, pick and pack our goods.